St. Sebastian’s College a Catholic School in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, established in 1854. The college has over 4,000 students and a staff of over 200.
The College Anthem

Chorus :

Wave, O wave the Green, White and Gold,
And bear it aloft, still to heights so bold:
O lads brave lads of lealty’s lure
Awaiting the Lord, Him manfully serve.

O come, ring out your song Sebastianites
And loyal be your hearts: your voices free
Unite, unite your Alma Mater calls,
To dare to fight to win beneath her shield
Your life she moulds, be wise in learning’s lure
Be true the Crown is won in Heaven’s shore.

Lyrics by: Rev.Bro.Anselam Alixtas
Music Composed by: Anton Krasse

The Crest

Top Left – Sword, arrows and the centurion’s helmet The sword and arrows were used to make him a
Top Right – National Flag of Sri Lanka.
Bottom Left – Signifies carpentry professions in Moratuwa.
Bottom Right – The Torch of Learning moral and physical education of children.
College Motto
Exspecta Dominum Viriliter Age (Expect the Lord and act manfully)
House Flags

Alban De LaSalle
Luke Bonaventure
Source: St. Sebastian’s College